Thursday, December 19, 2013

Being Green in 2013: Holiday Edition

DIY Recycled Holiday Decorations

Cardboard Tube Snowflake

Cardboard tube
Tape, Elmer’s glue, or hot glue gun
White acrylic paint

1) Flatten cardboard tube
2) Cut into pieces about ¼ inch wide
3) Arrange 5 or 6 petal-shaped cardboard pieces with points touching in the center, forming a flower or star shape
4) Add additional cardboard pieces for a more complicated snowflake
5) Tape or glue cardboard pieces together where they touch. Make sure to keep it symmetrical like a snowflake!
6) Paint with white acrylic paint and sprinkle glitter while paint is still wet. Let dry.
7) Tie a string around one of the cardboard loops and hang as decoration around the house!

Alternative snowflake design: 

Cardboard Tube Wreath

Cardboard tube (1 paper towel roll or 3 toilet paper rolls)
Elmer’s glue or hot glue gun
Green acrylic paint

1)  Flatten cardboard tubes
2) Cut into pieces about ¼ inch wide for a total of 38 pieces
3) Glue the point of one petal-shaped cardboard piece ½ or 1/3 of the way up the side of another. Repeat so that all petals are paired. There should be 19 pairs.
4) Arrange in a circle—you may have to add or subtract pieces to form a full circle, depending on the size of your cardboard tube(s)
5)  Paint each pair of cardboard pieces with green acrylic paint (this will be easier than painting the final product!). Let dry.
6) Arrange back into the circular shape. Glue pieces together wherever they touch
Optional: Reapply clear-drying glue around the edges and generously sprinkle glitter

Recycled Gift Wrap
Get creative with you gift wrap this year-- it's free, fun, and can still be festive! Check out these examples for inspiration:

Newspaper + Magazine bow

Paper grocery bag

Bandana or extra pieces of fabric

Old road maps

Lightly-used foil
Happy Holidays from the U-M Waste Reduction and Recycling Office!

Tracy, Rufus, Eva and Alison