Friday, December 7, 2012

Greek Life Sustainablity Team: GLIST

GLIST is a sustainability initiative which intends to implement a structure of sustainable leadership in each Greek house on campus, creating a social culture around sustainability within Greek houses.

This new organization has popped up on campus with goals to promote sustainability first in the smaller Greek community, so that it can be focused on and then spread throughout the entire campus.  Here at the Waste Reduction and Recycling Office, we applaud this effort by the Greek community to initiate a program focused on sustainability and creating environmentally friendly initiatives.  

Follow their MaizePage site here:


Introducing Mbay (our very own ebay-like program here at Michigan!)

Do you have office supplies or other items that your office or department no longer needs, but could be of use to others on campus? Are you looking to purchase items for your office, but want to go green and chose reuse? The University of Michigan Health System has created MBay, an online trading system to facilitate the exchange of items, and it's now available to the entire U-M campus to use!

Mbay is an open forum to facilitate the exchange of items. This internal web site has been set up to coordinate hand-offs to other departments or units - these items are FREE.

Items listed on Mbay will be posted for a maximum of 2 weeks. To add items, remove an item, or view current listings, click on a button to the left.

For the sale of University property, contact Property Disposition for appropriate handling. 

Check out the website and make sure to take part in this great opportunity for reuse!

Please take note that in order for access to Mbay, you will need to be on a U-M computer for now.  Right now personal computers' IP address is being blocked from the site.