Thursday, November 15, 2012

America Recycles Day Event at the Ross School of Business!

America Recycles Day at the University of Michigan!

     We're celebrating America Recycles Day this year and so can you!  Stop by the Ross School of Business Tappan St. side lobby from 10 am until 1 pm on November 16th to participate in a giveaway event hosted by the Waste Reduction and Recycling Office.

Bring a disposable coffee cup and receive a free Michigan Recycling steel travel mug AND a coupon for a $0.50 refill at Seigle Cafe (located in the same lobby) along with a big cookie with your purchase!  

    We have a limited number of both giveaways, so bring make sure to have your morning coffee early and bring over your disposable cup to us!  We want you to start good, sustainable practices this America Recycles Day, and divert any more potential waste from coffee cups by using your travel mug on a regular basis.  Go Blue, and Go Recycle!

A special thank you to the facilities management at the Ross School of Business and Seigle Cafe for all of their help in the planning of our America Recycles Day event!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

University Club's Go Blue Box - Reusable Container Pilot

Go Blue Box!

        The University Club (U-Club), located on the first floor of the Michigan Union, is taking part in a reusable containers pilot to promote waste reduction and sustainability.  The program, called Go Blue Box, aims at reducing waste produced through disposable take out containers that we use every day when we purchase most prepared food.  The program is limited to food purchased at the U-Club, and cannot be used at other University dining establishments on campus because it is still in its pilot phase at the U-Club.  

What's this all about?  Why participate?

        Looking at the big picture, according to the EPA, 780,000 tons of plastic polystyrene cups and plates were discarded in 2008.  Styrofoam cups are completely non-biodegradable, deplete the Earth’s ozone layer, waste enormous amounts of landfill, and are deadly to marine life. Each year Americans produce enough cups to circle the earth 436 times.

        You can reduce the amount of waste you are responsible for!  Disposable takeout containers create 4-8 ozs of trash per use, meaning that each of us creates over 100 lbs of trash per per year.  This is a way to reduce waste at an individual level and reduce this number.

To check out more information and details about the Go Blue Box, please visit the University Unions page @