Friday, September 21, 2012

Composting at UM and our Post-Consumer Compost Study

Food Waste Compost Program

Pre-Consumer Composting

What we collect and where

       The food waste that is collected as part of U of M's food waste compost program is "prep-waste". Prep-waste is vegetative, pre-consumer food waste generated during meal preparation. No plate waste is collected in the program because of the composting method used. Currently, 5 residence halls participate in the food waste program; Betsey Barbour, East Quadrangle, Markley Hall, South Quadrangle and West Quadrangle. The Hill Dining Center, Pierpont Commons cafeteria, the University Catering Services, located in Pierpont Commons, and Palmer Commons also participate.

Stadium Recycling!

Waste Management Services recycles cardboard and other recyclables collected from vendors at the Stadium during games. You'll be surprised what happens when Wolverines Recycle!

Pop and water bottles are also collected at the Stadium each game. Most people don't realize that when they recycle beverage containers that energy and water is saved by not using raw materials or energy to produce new products. Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic beverage bottles every hour...don't be one of them!

Game Day Recycling Play-by-Play

On September 15th, the University of Michigan played UMass. It was the second home game of the year with 110,708 fans in attendance. At the game, with the help of Michigan fans and vendors, we recycled 26 percent of the waste from the game and kept this material from going to the landfill. We handled 5.33 tons of recyclables!
.....We even got a quick snap of Denard Robinson heading towards the blue Recycling bins!

For more information about Recycling at the Big House, please visit:

Friday, September 7, 2012

Recycling at the Big House!

Go Blue and Recycle at the Big House!

      With the first home game of the season vs. Air Force tomorrow at 3:30 PM, the Waste Reduction and Recycling Office is gearing up for Recycling at the Big House.  The task is not an easy one, especially considering that hundreds of thousands of people will be coming through the gates, and unavoidably creating some sort of waste.  Thus, it is our job to divert as much waste from these 100,000+ fans from going to the landfill, and making sure that most, if not all, recyclable items make their way to the designated bins.  If you plan on attending the game, try your best to help our recycling team out, and do your part to Recycle at the Big House tomorrow!